Rabobank Wallet

Together with Director Mark van Welzenis from Zcene moving media company we created this stopmotion promotion film for a new App called the Rabobank Wallet. The concept and script were realised by Zcene and all technique and animation was done by Pedri.

The result of a really nice project we realised together with Zcene moving media company for the Dutch Bank "Rabobank". 
In this clip a new "App" is introduced, the video was used online on multiple websites.
And of course everything started with the animatic that animation director Henk Beumers created based on the voice over and script. In the picture above you can see we did some size tests so we knew what kind of products we needed to find and how big they needed to be. And yes we really found a very small shopping trolly, including very small ingredients :-)!
Iris was our model for this shoot, she had experience with stopmotion - pixilation animation so this really helped us during shoot. the animator Peter is just doing last checks before continueing animation.
The animatic really helps during animation because we only need to copy this by using 3D elemnts and products.

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