NTR's Konijn & Konijntje

A stop motion animated clay look children series for the Dutch broadcaster NTR. This show is broadcasted in their magazine format " Het Zandkasteel" .

For the Dutch broadcaster NTR we created this clay look and feel stopmotion animated children series. In total we created 40 episodes which were used in their magazine format " Het Zandkasteel" . Part of the scripts were writen by Marc Veerkamp who also wrote 13 episodes of our series George & Paul. 
The designs of the characters were done by Marielle Roeters and build by John Craney and Paul Mathot (who also directed the series). The props and sets were build by Peter Mansfelt, Anna Schroots and Anneloes van Holten. 
We worked with a team of experienced animators to animate all 40 episodes. A real challenge because they had to animate around 18 seconds a day. Elmer Kaan, Marieke Verbiest, Cesar Diaz, Manuel Rubio and Carla Protozoo.
Post production was done by Henry Brummelman, Wietske Koelma, Arvid Westerhuis and Tirza Sprong.

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